The Mediator - Twilight -

By Meg Cabot

The Mediator

Susannah has caught the heart of two boys. Their is a twist, One of them is a ghost? Susannah is a Mediator she can see, talk to, and even feel ghosts! Easy right? Just pick the boy. Not exactly, she loves the ghost Jesse and strongly dislike the boy Paul. Paul wants to get Jesse out of the picture so he can have Suze all to himself. Paul is also a mediator, they can go back in time. SO they do! They go back in time and fight over jesse or are they on the same team after a change of heart? They are playing with Jesse's fate and destiny. What happens to Jesse?

Theme - Good and Evil

The main theme is Good and Evil. One more theme was Love. The love was between Jesse and Susannah. Even though Jesse was a ghost they both still fell in love.

"They're Plenty of obstacles in your path; don't allow yourself to become on of them."

Main Character #1 - Susannah

Susannah is the good. She cares about almost everyone, and is very nice to people and considerate about all. Except Paul slater, basically her enemy.

Susannah is Considerate, Determined, and Patient.

Man vs. Man - Susannah vs Paul

Susannah is always fighting with Paul over Jesse. She is always trying to stop him from from doing something to Jesse that will change her life forever!

Main Character #2 - Paul

Paul is the evil. Paul doesn't care much about others and their feelings. He also strives to get what he wants and stops at nothing.

Paul is Invidious, Sneaky, and rational.

Main character #3 - Jesse

Jesse is the ghost that Susannah falls in love with. He protects her and all that couple stuff.

Paul puts him in risk... So what happens to Jesse?

Her way to the past..

Susannah can enter the past with her imagination and of course something from the past. She uses an old painting of Jesse to teleport to the place where someones fate will be decided.
"You don't understand! If Paul keeps Jesse from dying, then Jesse and I will never meet!"
Jason Mraz - I won't give up [lyrics]