Jan Van Eyck Smore

By: Garrick Berger


1390 in Maastricht Netherlands.

Growing Up

He worked for Count John of Itolland in the hauge. Then he became a caourt painter to Philip the good duke of Burgundy, and lived in lille.

Life Style

Frequently went on various mission for the duke.

Art Type

He worked in oil paintings. His paintings consisted of geometry, astronomy, music, paleography, medicine, cartography, and ancient history. He signed on all his paintings with his motto "Als ich chan" (This is the best i can do). His paintings presented a degree of humanism.


  • Bishop of Liege
  • Tomassa Da Modena
  • Flemish Painters
  • Robert Campin
  • Melchoir Broederam

Art Piece

Three Marys At The Sepulcher.

Date Painted


Places You Might See this

In churches and in museums.


One of his pieces after "mastering oil painting".

Deeper into the painting

The three maries are praying/talking to the angel that came out of the graves. The angel has put the men with weapons to sleep so they wouldn't about the angel

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