Annexation: Who (Dis)Agreed

By: Marlana Heard


The Free Black Texans Disagreed with annexation for Texas. They thought that they would lose their freedom and rights. They also thought that they would be treated as slaves. The Free Black Texans recently got the right to run a business, keep slaves, and own land and joining U.S. as a slave state would make them lose their rights.

War W/ Mexico

The Americans, Anglo Texans, and Tejanos all believe that annexation will cause a war with Mexico, but they still don't necessarily Agree or Disagree. Because Mexico doesn't want to give up their land, trying to get it after being annexed will be difficult and most likely cause a war with Mexico. However if Texas is annexed then the U.S. will be able to help support Texas and they will eventually be the victor.

Manifest Destiny

The Free Black Texans Disagreed with annexation because they thought that Manifest Destinyreally meant expanding slavery. However the Americans Agreed because of Manifest Destiny will finally be accomplished if Texas became annexed.