Imagine if you were someone in a area in the world were you had no food water or anywere to sleep or play. Well this is what happeneds to over 1000 dogs in the Himalayas. They carry many dieases like rabbies. They are not de-sexed so they breed heaps and are not vaccinated.

To make a difference about 10 vets from Australia decided to run and campagine to save dogs and go over to the Himalayas and help the dogs that a suffering. The proccess takes about 2 days by the time they get dog catches to get the dogs, check if they have rabbies, vaccinate them and then de-sex them. they then keep them in a cage for one night so that they can recover. They then take them back to were they found them.

They have done this system to over 700 dogs and are hoping to do more then 1000 before they have to leave and go back to Australia. In the Himalayas the dogs and mostly nice but some can be very vivious about 15 bite occur to humans everyday.

There is only one problem not enough people in the Himalayas are intrested to keep this campagine going and this means if the govermnent does not step in and help all the dogs will be suffering from the problems that have been having for many years.