Recycle to save the earth


My topic for my PSA is Recycling and here are some interesting facts about it. According to an AdCouncil website, “Since 2010 63% of the population has had access to curbside recycling; yet recycling rates are still surprisingly low.” it also stated that in a survey done, 62% of just Americans admitted that they were not avid recyclers. If our whole earth recycled each and every day it would be so much cleaner and safer. In a Love to Know website it said that recycling decreases pollution, reduces energy consumption, and reduces landfills. Recycling is when we make new products out of old unusable objects. We all know the sign of a recycling center when we see the three arrows going around in a triangle. Everyone should recycle to make our Earth a better place!
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Positive Reinforcement

For a positive way of making a poster I could show what our world/earth would look like if we all did one easy thing, RECYCLE! I could also show a nice clean unpolluted area of earth. I could say something funny so that people want to recycle.

Negative Reinforcement

And as a negative reinforcement I could put pictures of an unclean, unhappy and a polluted earth. I could also say that if we don’t recycle it would make living here a much harder, and not fun place to live.