is it right or wrong ?

abortion bans should not include an exception for rape

Rape is a horrific violation human, but it is not a valid justification for abortion. A whole generation of lives has been lost due to abortion and this absence of population growth will have a negative economic effect on the country. But a baby produced by rape has the same right to life as any other baby. Abortion ends the life of an innocent unborn baby.

Rape does not justify abortion!

Abortion takes the life of innocent human beings who are the most vulnerable in our society. Abortion is today the most frequently performed medical procedure in the United States. American physicians perform about two abortions every minute of every hour of every day: about 1 million a year since 1973. In my home state of New Jersey, abortion is permitted up to the moment of birth, and the state will even pay for it if the mother meets certain financial criteria.

pro-life & pro-choice

Those strongly opposed to abortion call themselves "pro-life," suggesting that anyone in favor of abortion rights is "anti-life." Many of those who support the right to have an abortion call themselves "pro-choice," a term that refers to a woman's right to choose what she does with her body. While the pro-life side believes that "abortion is murder," pro-choice supporters say that those opposed to abortion are against free choice and the rights of women.

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Every human deserves a chance at life !

my opinion

My opinion is i am pro-life i believe that abortion is wrong. I think the only time abortion is okay is rape. Only because its a tragic thing that happens. i think if you don't want your baby you should do adoption. Because baby's are blessings and some women can have kids so it gives other people a chance at being mommy's and dad's at a baby a chance at getting a chance at life.
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