Valeria Rodriguez

Ceramics 1

Photograph of Artwork#1

Artist Statement #1

I created this project specifically for my mother for mothers day. I had some difficulty doing this project because it didnt really turn out the way that i wanted too. The heart was suppose to be standing up but instead it was put down. The heart kept on falling so instead I placed it on top. It doesnt look that bad as i thought it would be, so thats good.

Photograph of Artwork #2

Artist Statement#2 Slab Project

I created this project just to have fun with it. It took me a while and it took me a lot of work. I had some difficulties through it. For example to make the slabs, it took me a while to get used to doing them and also for making the sides as smooth as possible. The sides took me a while but i just kept on smoothing them. Its not the best but i put my hard work into it. Its one of my best and first slab projects that i have done.

Critique 1

Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 20”

This peice of artwork is very simple but detailed. It has a shade of light to dark brown, but also has a shade of black. This piece has a marble effect into it. it has a mixtue of all the colors that it has. It also has a smooth texture and has curved edges at the top. It has a hollow center. This is an asymmetrical piece.

This piece of artwork has neutral colors such as black and brown. It also has a lot of value. You can relate to the lightness and darkness of the color tone. You can also tell that it has texture. You can see that this piece has has a very smooth serface.

This seems like it is a very modern sculpture. From what i see this artist seems like she is from this centry. Because of the dark colors i think she was thinking about something sad. But in the same time, because it has this movement into it she might of just been thinking how much fun it is to design and create. She seems like she enjoys it.

This artwork is very successful. Even though it is very simple it is very unique. I like the detail of the color. I like that dark feeling that was put into it. The artist put a lot of time and effort to do this and they succedded.

Critique 2

Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height

This piece of art is very detailed and very human like. There are three humans, and their facial expressions do tell alot. The sculture has human effects such as muscle, hair etc. There is pain in the art work. You can see a snake going around their body, and torturing each one of them especially the tallest and biggest one in the middle.

There is a lot of shape and form into this project. It has a neutral color of a cream white. It also has a value effect, and the texture seems smooth in some parts but rough in others. This piece has emphasis right in the middle. The middle person is the one that grabs your attention. Movement is another priciple that this project has.

This shows a really painful emotion. As you look at each one of their faces, all you can see is pain. The artist might of been thinking how painful life was like during the B.C time. While making this piece of art I imagine he/she was feeling hurt and sorrow. The artist was not thinking happy.

This piece of artwork is very successful. It has a lot of detail, and it shows that the artist took the time to do his/her best. It also has a lot of human effects into it and it is very well developed. The human features looks so real. I give this a thumbs up!