Help Wanted at the Polaris Mine!

By Abigail Diehl

Polaris Mine Backround

The Polaris mine is located North of the Arctic circle and has more than 200 men and women working to mine lead and zinc. We have TONS of snow and ice that we have to work through in our long, harsh, winters. We only have 3 months out of the whole year to ship out our materials that we have been stocking up for a whole year! You may wonder why such a great amount to be shipped in such little time. Well, we don't have much roads. Thats because our state of living is harsh. However, in the winter we do have ice roads. That's one and only main route for shipment. We need more workers next year and the years to come! If your interest, please read on.

Help Needed!

We can never have enough workers! We need workers to mine! We need lots of drivers that will be careful. We need people to load the trucks. Keep in mind, we work all year. Non-stop. When I mean non-stop, I mean non-stop. The machines cannot stop running or else the engines will freeze. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.