How are teens in Mongolia different from teens in the U.S.?

There are many differences between life in Mongolia and America. The biggest difference between these two cultures is the language. The next difference is the food . The smallest difference is the holidays.


The biggest difference between teens in Mongolia and teens in the U.S. is the language. In Mongolia they speak Mongol. In America, most people speak English. The Mongolian alphabet is related to the Cryllic alphabet from Russia. In America, the alphabet is based off of Latin.
Greetings and Introduction in Mongolian

Food & Eat

In Mongolia it is traditional to eat dinner with all of the family. They normally eat rice and meat meals. In America some people do not eat with their families. More popular foods in America are pizza, hot-dogs, and fried foods. In Mongolia people eat with western utensils in the urban areas but in the rural areas people eat with chopsticks. In America people everywhere eat with western utensils.
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The most important holiday to the Mongolians is Tasagaan Star, the Lunar New Year. In America, the most important holiday is the fourth of July, the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Their next most important holiday for Mongolia is Their independence day from Russia on the 26th of November. Our next most important holiday is Memorial Day on the last monday in May.