Owen Blakey 4-5

If your coragus and durable endurable and love things will be good

  • All of everything influences the story and its plot.depending on the conflit the charactors will react different witch will change how the story flows.Some charactors affect the story for example in freak the mighty killer Kane is the whole reason Max is feared in some ways like when Gwen runs away with freak screaming.Disablities afected this story alot. when Max sees freak and explains him you know there is a disablitie. Max is dislexic he mixes up words and for him its hard to learn

I agree

Yes I agree. For many reasons.Starting with bravery . Max had to be very brave to go through what he did. He lost friends saw an attemt murrder and he was one of the two victims. If Max was not brave he would have been weeping in the basement when killer kane captured him. He was very durable letting Kane tie him up and not let him move at all. He loved freak as a friend I would to but in the end all tured out as it should.




To sum up this book ... Max was just a kid living in the broken down town When one day freak moved in a small little dude his age he has these things on his legs so he can walk and has cruches. Max stares and freak turns around and says what are you looking at earthling.Max is weirded out but the next day freak gets his ornothopter bird stuck in the tree max comes over and gets it out the play with that for hours when Gwen comes over to get freak she is scared by Max because he looks so much like his dad and runs off. The next night since Gwen ran away he got to go eat dinner with freak they talked and Gwena said sorry to Max for running off with no reason according to max.Then freak starts coming early to his house to go on quest to slay dragons and collect barried treasure at three in the morning . One day at school they were eating lunch when freak started chocking one of the ladies got it out but he still had to stay at the hospital that night . he comes back and is just fine then its christmas time and freak makes a fancy bow to hold Maxs gift its a triangle cubed and you press a button and it opens inside is a dictonary freak made for Max.then when maxes dad gets out of prison he kidnaps him and takes him away to a building where iggy and lorreta know an old ladie leves but is on vacation so thy stay there then the police find out and the move to a bigger burnt building . wher loretta tries to get max free but then kane comes and nearly kills her then he starts chocking max and freak comes in and sprays him in the eyes with a squrt gun he lets go and then his dad gets arrester for attempted murrder and kidnapping.Then freaks birthday comes up he gets a cool computer and has a seacer then goes to the hospital there he says he is finally getting hid bionic body. The next day max goes over finds out he has passed because of his deisies then storms through and the police have to get him.he misses the funeral but then gets back up and contiues on life

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