Now that I have your attention let's bash on school uniforms

Cons of School Uniforms

$1 billion a year are spent on school uniforms. Ridiculous isn't it? School dress codes are not fanatic about the idea of being told to wear uniforms. Uniforms restrict individuality in the classroom and anytime throughout the school day.

Individualism is an important necessity in school

Without individuality we don't feel like ourselves. This is what makes everyone feel unique but it's really hard to feel unique when you're already restricted from wearing the clothes that we love.

Individuality should not be restricted anywhere, even the classroom.


-Social scenes are not as common a site in schools that have a dress code (52% clique rate in public schools; 38% clique rate in private schools).

-Individuality is harder to express in a setting where school uniforms are mandatory

-80% of America is against the idea of uniforms in a school setting

- Americans believe that school must be the place where diversity is observed

-Students that wear uniforms have a decreased comfort level and attentiveness in school.