By: Melissa Benitez

What is a Paleontologist?

A Paleontologist is a person that studies dinosaur bones, and they also discover dinosaur bones. The word 'Paleontologists' comes from the word 'Paleontology' which means the study of earths history. Fossils are the remains of previous plant, animal, bacteria, and fungi. Animal fossils take many, many years to be completely ready. A Paleontologists can tell how long ago that species of animal existed in this planet just by looking at its remains. Paleontologists then can create computerized images of what they think that dinosaur, or species looked like when it was alive based on its bone structure.

What Do I Need to Have to become a Paleontologists?

To become a paleontologists you need a Ph.D (A Doctorate of Philosophy) in Paleontology.You also need a strong background knowledge of natural science along wit geology, and biology. Having a Major on geology and biology will be great, and having a Major on one of these along with something related is also acceptable. You also would need to have completed courses on modern languages, arithmetic, chemistry, and finally physics. These courses will help strengthen your background knowledge to become a Paleontologists.

How much money does a Palentologists make?

Geoscientists is another name for Paleontologists

Geo-scientists with the exception of Geographers and hydrologists have a median annual wage of $90,890 as recorded May 2012.