Fourth Grade Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: November, 2013


Fourth and fifth graders have moved on from their investigation of the elements of art and have begun to focus on one of the seven elements, value. They are in the process of learning how to create five different value scales though shading, hatching, cross- hatching, stippling and scribbling. We learned how to use the computer to take screen shots of images to reference and will use these images to create line drawings. Once we complete our drawings we will use the techniques we have studied to fill in value, making the drawings more three dimensional and life like. Because all five ways of creating value will be included in one landscape drawing students will constantly be problem solving, editing, demonstrating understanding of technique and growing personally as artists.


In the library fourth grade will begin to use advanced features of Destiny library catalog. We will review genres. We will start a unit on regional literature with fiction of the Northeast.


As we move into November, fourth graders will continue to progress with their vocal sightreading. We will be tackeling more complicated rhythm patterns and adding more notes to the scale. Fourth graders will continue to prepare a song for the Thanksgiving MFW. They will be singing at the George School Meeting House with their first grade buddies! We will also be continuing our recorder unit. We reviewed the basic playing techniques and the notes B, A, and G. We will be playing many more songs utilizing these three notes, and we will be adding low E!


In Lower School PE we will continue to develop our physical fitness and work on muscular strength with a focus on core. The class will learn an activity call Team Handball that involves the skills of throwing, catching, dribbling and shooting. The class will participate in large group cooperative activities like “Ro-Sham-Bo, which is a group version of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Other games include Castle Ball and Power Ball that develop skill, teamwork and cardiovascular endurance.


The fourth graders continue their study of water. After learning about where water can be found in the world we’ll focus on the water cycle. This exploration will last over two weeks! Students create working models and will practice their excellent powers of observation by recording the changes in both written form and through labeled illustrations. Students will also revisit their homework from September and see how much of their water use is a based on necessity and how much is superfluous. Many interesting water facts will be learned. We’ll also learn how water gets from the rivers to our homes, including the stages it goes through to get clean.


Fourth grade Spanish students completed their family project book. They will share their three part “Mi familia” books with third grade students. The shared reading activity will allow students to show off their writing expression and Spanish reading skills. Students will read a six chapter reading text, El mundo de Felipe. The text will provide students the opportunity to recycle and use-learned language in a different context. While reading the text, students will work on Center Activities, comprehension questions / chapter discussions and SmartBoard games.

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