Unit 03 A1

Using information in a buisness

Information gets created by data. Data is numerical that can be manipulated to make sense for a reader. Information is used for research and web pages as well to give users a bit of detail data on what the pages is talking bout and what its for.


Data is just figures, they have no meaning until they get processed. Data has different ways of being produced for example times, numbers are shown in different ways. Times are used for business times n work employee times when numbers could be salary figures or number ID for work employees.


Primary data is that yourself or your business organisation researches or gather n manipulates it on their own accord. This data is original data as it is being processed by you rather than another source. Primary data is gathered by interviews , surveys or any type of method that gets data straight from the source.


Secondary data gets gathered by another source and it gets manipulated differently to primary data. This data is gathered by newspapers, journals or another source that isn't gathered by your organisation or yourself for example feed back on supplies from another supplier.


This type of data cant be measured or edited in anyway, only observed. This data is opinionated rather than factual data. This data for example' some people drink coca cola but some drink Pepsi' is shown qualitative data as there no factual percentage of the source.


This data is measure numerically and proved by facts. This data gets measure in values to provide a factual source rather than an opinion. An example of this would be' 28% people drink coca cola, 54% drink Pepsi, 18% drink fanta' as this is factual source.


This department withholds all the information on the products and department services that their business offers With their contact information that as available to newspapers and advertisement. The information they obtain comes from the sales department which shows what products are selling the most and which ones are selling the least or if not at all. To find out what customers like or disliked about the products they use surveys and questionnaires to gather all their information about the product and services as well as how they can improve. They would use this information for their existing customers as well as trying to attract new customers.


This part of business buys the goods and services for the company and all requests of purchase must go through this department. This department tries to get the best prices on the goods n services they buy . This department also has the job of handling negotiations with contracts for the other departments.


This department is only useful to the company if it creates materials from raw materials. They handle the maintenance records production records etc for the company. This is the only department that handles these records and has them stored in a safe place


The finance department handles the purchase invoice and the sales invoice etc and they deal with quantitative data. They also deal with payrolls and insurance for the workers in the company.


Based on the type of company they may have an admin in the company that takes care of the tasks set for the administrator. The tasks set for the administrators can only be carried out by the admin in charge.


The personel area of the department handles the recruitment and selection of the employees for the company. They deal with the qualitative data, this is because they write out the interviews and job descriptions within this department.


this department is the front line of the company its involved with. They work to keep customers happy and giving positive feedback. They aim to get customers to approve and buy the products the sell and create as well as their service. They also deal with there products lists as well as questionnaires and brochures for their customers.

Good information

Good information is important to a company. Valid means that the information has to be neatly represented otherwise. It has to be verifiable as well as unbiased. These are because the information will look rushed or cheap to the company. The information must be Reliable as well as trusting. The company cant have faults in the information otherwise customer rates may drop. The information should be accessible to any time and anywhere the customer fits to see it. The information needs to be available especially when decisions are being made before the wrong decision messes up the company business. The information has to fit its purpose of the product. Wrong information or little information is capable of not giving a customer enough about the product or the information is opposite to the product and doesn't say what it actually does. The data that sent to the company has to be calculated and recorded properly to standard requested which saves time and money which the company can use creating or buying the supplies needed for their product. This data should be made cost-effective and monitored for rising prices as well as watching their budget range. Going over on their budget will leave their company loosing money or even bankrupt. The more accurate the information is the better the company looks. Accurate information is also reliable for the company too use. These both help with the company making money as their reliable sources will have given them accurate information for their products. High level rate of quality helps with the information being understandable for their customers. These mean that the company is going to be given positive reports because their information is of really good detail that the customers can read what the product is and what it does.