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About The Phillipines

The Philippines is a tropical Country with fascinating landscapes. They have active volcano's, cool beaches, coral waters, and tropical forest with 3500 spices of animals, plants, and bugs. The Philippines officially known as the republic of the Philippines.

Hailed as Asia's rising star, the Philippines has seen massive growth in the past year.

The Philippines consists of over 7100 islands.

It is a sovereign island country in southeast Asia, situated in the western pacific ocean.

The population which was projected in 2010 is 94.013 million.

The land area is estimated to 300,000 square kilometers.

The Filipino people are basically of south Asian stock.

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,100 islands at the fringe of the south china sea.

The Philippines is strongly divided into 79 provinces and each governed by a governor.

The Philippine archipelago was gradually settled by the peoples migrating from the Asian mainland.

"The People Of the Philippines are devoted and faithful servants of god"

The geography and climate of The Phillipines

From March to May it is hot and dry. From June to October it is mostly rainy. From November to February it is cool, warm weather.

The Philippines is a archipelago and consist of 7,107 islands with land area of 300,000 square kilometers. km (1999). In the Philippines they usually have a astride typhoon belt, usually affected by 15 and struck by five to six cyclonic storms each year.

They have active volcanoes, destructive earthquakes, and tsunamis.

The environment has current issues uncontrolled deforestation especially in watershed areas. .

People and Culture

The Philippines is a Polynesian culture. The Spanish colonized the islands and after

centuries of colonization Hispanic influence heavily impacted the culture. The Philippines are governed by Spain and mexico. The people of the Philippines speak Filipino which is based on tagalog and is the official language of the Philippines.

English is generally used for educational, governmental and commercial purposes.

The family in the centre of the social structure and includes nuclear family, auntes uncles, grand parents, cousins, honorary relations such as godparents, sponsors, and close family friends. it is common for members of the same family work at the same company. People get strength and stability from their family.

A common dish in the Philippines is rice. Barbecue and meat is another famous cuisine. With most Asian countries the stable food is rice. It is most often steam and served during meals.

Country Timeline

In 1521- Ferdinand Magellan lands in the Philippines , claiming land for Spain.

In 1570- manila is conquered and made a Spanish city.

In 1647- Dutch Republic, Dutch be signed the Spanish in the Battle of Puerto de Cavite.

In 1763- Treaty of Paris (1763) returns Manila to Spain.

In 1872- 200 Filipino soldiers stage munity in Cavite.

In 1873- Priests Mariano Gomez, Jose Apolonio Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora (also known as Gomburza) are implicated to the cavite Mutiny and are executed.

In 1934- The philippine independence Act is approved.

In 1941- Japn invades and occupies the philippines in World War ll.

In 1991- Senate rejects renewal of the U.S military bases in the Philippines.

In 1997- Asian Financial crisis .

Government and Citizenship

The Philippines has a representative democracy modeled on the U.S system. In the Philippines 18 years of age is the appropriate age to vote. Both genders are allowed to vote they just can not be disqualified by law and have been living in the Philippines for 1 year.

Education in the Philippines is prior to the mid-20th century and was patterned on the educational systems of its earlier colonial powers, those of both Spain and the United States. Though, after the liberation of the Philippines in 1946 its educational system changed dramatically.

The Philippines department of Education (DepEd) administers the entire educational system, especially its curriculum. they provide Utilization of given funds for school services , equipment, recruitment of teaches for public schools only etc.

Most people are saying that the justice system in the Philippines is rotten. Justice isn't that great in the Philippines there a lot of crimes.


The Philippines imports electronic products, mineral fuels, machinery and transport equipment, iron and steel, textile fabrics, grains, chemicals, and plastic.

The Philippines export semiconductors and electronic products, transport equipment, garments, copper products, petroleum products, coconut oil,and fruits.

The Philippines received several credit rating upgrades on its sovereign debt in 2012, and has had little difficulty tapping domestic and international markets to finance its deficits.

The AQUINO administration has been working to boost the budgets for education, health, cash transfers to the poor, and other social spending programs, and is relying on the private sector to help fund major infrastructure projects under its Public Private Partnership program.

The Philippine Constitution and the other laws continue to restrict foreign ownership in important activities and sectors (such as land ownership and public utilities).

\The GDP (purchasing Power Parity) is at 419.6 billion

(2012 est).

The economy of the Philipines is the 40 largest in the world, according to 2012 International Monetary Fund statistics.

The economy for the Philippines is progressing along the way and is doing well.


I think the first company should be McDonalds.

A lot of people in the Philippines don't have jobs and they could work at McDonalds because McDonalds doesn't need a collage degree and thast good for those who could not pay for collage. I don't think the Philippines has McDonalds so that would be good for them because of the low prices.

The Philippines will be gaining more money from that company.


Wal-Mart would be a great company for the Philippines because they produce clean and fresh fruits.

They provide clothing at the cheapest, they have low deals.

People in the Philippines can also work at Wal-mart to earn their pay.

Wal-Mart doesn't exactly need a college degree, and that's good for the people who couldn't afford going to college.


CVS is a good company to go to the Philippines because they provide medicine.

They provide medicine cosmetics, and daily supplies.

They also provide a Pharmicist for the medicine.

I don't think the Philippines has CVS so that would be good for them.


Joan's is a fabric store/ company.

They provide fabric and sowing needles at low prices.

Joans should go to the Philippines because the Philippines have poverty and they don't have many companies to fix that and provide clothing for the children and they need joans to make clothing and material needed around the house.

Another reason would be because they import fabric.


Walgreens also provides medicine and a pharmacy career.

They provide materials such as hand washing soap, bath soap, towels, they provide daily

stuff you would naturally need.

Its good for the Philippines to have it because I don't think they already have it and its good if you want a job with low pay, or high pay if you want to be a pharmacist.

They provide medicine which is important in the Philippines with unemployment meaning no jobs and no pay if they were to have a family relative that is really sick from the pollution in the air or natural sickness.