Jackson as President: Good or Bad?

You Decide!

Cherokee Removal: Gone for Good?

Recently Jackson signed the Indian removal act. This act does exactly what its name is; removed Indians from states like Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. And relocated them west of the Mississippi. But are they gone for good? I heard that some escaped and retreated to the mountains. But, we'll see.

National Bank Declared Dead!

Jackson has finally gotten what he has wanted; the National Bank was declared dead today. As has the collapsed economy. With the National Bank gone the money has gone to smaller banks; having this extra money with them, they are giving unnecessary loans to people. I'm from the future and this mistake may cause the U.S. to go bankrupt. You'll see sooner or later.

Jackson Giving Jobs to his Friends. Outrage?

There is this system called the "Spoils System"; Jackson is the first president to use this system. This system allows the president to give jobs in government or the White House to his friends/supporters. Just because they are supporters. When there might be someone better for the job. Is this and outrage? You decide.

Political Cartoon.

This political cartoon represents the Spoils System. This carton is of a president giving jobs out to his supporters.

Mad Cherokee

Dear Editor, I am a very mad Cherokee! I think Jackson had no right to kick us off our land. We are people just as much as Americans are! We should have at least have a chance to integrate into American society! That's all I wanted to say. Mad Cherokee.

Pleasant Southerner

Dear Editor, I am a pleasant southerner. And I agree with the mad Cherokee but I really wanted the land that you guys were on. It is very fertile. I just wanted to agree. Pleasant Southerner.