Science with Mrs. Bridges

February 15, 2016

Restoring Grades

I often find myself in a conundrum this time of the year. Interactive notebooks, project based learning are good for the brains of my students. Not only does neuroscience support this, I see it in the growth of many of my students. So what is the problem? Nothing I do will work if the student does not do the work.

The last notebook check was typical - in every period there was at least one person that did not turn a notebook in at all. What was more disturbing is that many students had incomplete notebooks this resulted in several zeroes and current grades that do not reflect the true ability of the student.

I would like to try something new Friday, February 19 for the next notebook check; if a student turns in a completed notebook including completed table of contents, notes, and assignments I will remove one of the zeroes from the first notebook check. For instance most weeks they have to read an article and do summaries, if they do the article completely due Friday I will remove one zero from an article that was previously due. Please note that this will not count for projects. The dropped grades must be similar in difficulty to the "replacement grade."

I am having a great time this year. I love my students and it makes me tremendously happy to see them succeed. It saddens me when they are not successful. However I cannot, will not lower my expectations. The things that are I ask are sometimes challenging but they are within the grasp of each and every student I instruct. I allow time and space for them to succeed on any assignment. I will try this to help the ones that are really behind, but they must do the work. This is one thing that I can guarantee - if they do the work they will not fail!

If you would like to help your student insist that they bring you their notebook to you to for your examination. I think you will find it quite enlightening.