24 JAN 2016


American National - PP 475211093

Medescorts - Doctor/Male Nurse

Origin – Diego Garcia

Destination –Singapore

Flight - Non stop - 5 hours 20 minutes.

Mode – Charter Flight - International

Aircraft type - Gulfstream 150 - ALS configuration

Pilot/Co pilot/Doctor/Nurse/Stretcher/Oxygen/ALS Med equipments.

Travel Summary –Thomas Kelly

Thomas Kelly male 67 years with history of essential hypertension and Transient Ischemic Attack with c/o weakness in both LL - with suspected progressive stroke - for emergency medical transportation from Diego Garcia to Singapore hospital.

On confirmation of the transport request – we arranged for the G 150 Aircraft with full medical team and crew to be standby in Singapore. We applied for permissions to fly to Diego Garcia. ON receiving the necessary aviation permissions, the aircraft with medical team flew from Singapore to Diego Garcia. However the weather situation was not suitable for flying to Diego. So the aircraft was diverted to Yangon.

After a few hours - as weather cleared, the aircraft took off from Yangon to land at Diego Garcia.

The patient underwent a pre travel assessment by the Medical escort doctor.

The patient was stable, P - 70, BP 132/68 mm hg, RR 12 SPO2 - 98% on RA

Conscious level E4V5M6, Pupils CCERL with complains of weakness in LL.

Patient was transported to airport and placed in the aircraft.

Patient with Medical escorts flew from Diego Garcia to Singapore.

Patient was monitored and maintained normal parameters during the flight.

The aircraft flew non stop from Diego Garcia to Singapore.

On landing at Singapore and completing the CIQ formalities, the patient was ground transported to Singapore General hospital.

Patient at the time of handover was stable.

Patient needs a Complete assessment, investigations to determine the further line of treatment.

Medcall Assist was informed and updated about the progress of the travel in real time on whatsapp.

Dr Nitin Yende

Air Ambulance International

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