The Walking Dead

Do you want to stay alive or nah !!

Our business tells you the best stories about the dead or The After Life .

We will build pyramids and you will be safe come join the after life.Your body will be used for more several year come to me if u want that.the Pyramids are here just for you . They are hand made every peace . If you don't want to come to me well R.I.P

You Will Get Mummified

You will Want To Be used AGAIN. They will put other thing on you to dry you all out . The reason why they dry you out is because for your body can be used again and they keep your body from rotten.


Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth - See You Again (Absence Remix) by ABSENCE
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Will happen to you

The picture above you will be just like that if you don't come to me if you do come to me you will be reused and safe. So if I was you my choice will be to come to me.
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You will see how will you be mummified that will happen to you if i was you i would want to be mummified would you ?

Do You Dare Too ?

Do you dare to come here and be secured or nah? i would choose yes because i could stay in a big pyramid with all of the other people that have been mummified.