Staff Newsletter: December 16, 2019


Our Vision of Learning

In full support of our district mission and vision, we at SCC High School are committed to...

Creating a learning experience built on creativity, choice, efficiency, and engagement, resulting in high-achieving and creative problem-solvers who take intellectual risks to discover the world around them and maximize their potential.


What does "students first" mean?

  • We stand in the gap between what is and what could be.
  • We find solutions - we don't blame kids.
  • We circle around them in support - always.
  • We freely give what they need.
  • We recognize their poor choices and guide them to make better choices.
  • We do things that are inconvenient for the adults because it's what's best for the students.
  • We try the next thing because we never let them run out of chances.
  • We provide physical, mental, and emotional safety - no matter what.
  • We model what we expect.
  • We love all of them.

If not us then who?

We Have the Power to...

  • SERVE others
  • show EMPATHY
  • LIFT others UP

This Week


Monday, December 16

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - Band Concert

Tuesday, December 17

7:30 am - 7:55 am - BLT Meeting

8:00 am - 11:30 am - ASVAB Testing (Klein)

9:00 am - 11:00 am - MARKET DAY - Main Gym (Wood)

Stop by the Gym to Support our Entrepreneurship Students

Wednesday, December 18

7:30 am - 7:55 am - PBIS Meeting (PLC's are not required to meet)

Thursday, December 19 - Break B4 Break

Schedule Link

7:35 am 7:55 am - School Safety Intervention Team (SSIT) Meeting - Lecture Room

9:30 am - 3:30 pm - Walker Art Center (Reimer)

Friday, December 20

Teacher Professional Development Day

Just for Fun

Midwest Winter Driving School


Thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness, excellence, and selflessness.

Amanda Arnold - Great concert!

Chad Konsela - Got the computers ready for testing for ESL. You are awesome!!!!!!

Jerry Wold - Putting up coat hooks in my office! Thank you so much!!!

Lori Cress - I am so thankful for your extra help this week when I wasn't in the building! You are a rockstar!

Courtney Hawkins & Panther Catering - Thank you for the amazing potluck! You and your crew made it so easy and the meal was delicious!

Gail Weniger - Thanks for all your help this week! 😊

Cami Stansbury - Being an awesome human and mentor and helping me with literally so many things :) thank you for everything you do!

Jerry Wold - For keeping the temperature in my room above freezing!

Heather Jourdeans - For working with me and communicating so well about curriculum and always checking in on me to see if I need help :)

Dani Wollberg - For being so kind and awesome no matter what :) answering any questions I have

Chris Buckel - For being an awesome co-teacher and co-planner and helping me and the students get the most out of class!

John Koehler - The first year is hard, it's less hard when I have someone to talk to about it! Thanks for being all-around awesome!

Lori Cress - Spent many hours figuring out and fixing food service reports

Jason Koele - Being low-key intentional about looking out for kids and staff

Heather Jourdeans, Cami Stansbury, and Jen Staidl - Organized an amazing experience and opportunity to Clouds Choir for lit students.

Emily Wech - Sharing resources so I can try a new activity.

Chris Buckel - Offering to be the host with the most for the Christmas party this year.

Heather Jourdeans - Being the absolute best about taking care of those who need an extra smile or check-in when the balancing act gets overwhelming. She's a pro's pro.

Duane Jourdeans - Always sharing positivity on social media. One of my favorite follows.

Garret Wenzel, Jordee Reimer, and Bill Emery - Thank you for helping my students build their games. Could they build the games without your knowledge and skills? Probably. Would it be games that could be played? Most likely not. You guys are selfless and awesome!

Travis Madison, Jason Koele, Chris Deno, Steph Posta, Ty Ketz, Chris Buckel, Jordee Reimer, Logan Kimberly, Heather Jourdeans, Bill Emery, Brianna Forest, Jerry Wold, Gretchen Rozeboom, Elliot Hagenbucher, Mitch Klimek - Thank you for being outstanding judges for the numerous culinary competitions this week! The students take great pride in preparing food to be eaten by the staff!!

Gretchen Rozeboom - Thank you for being there, checking in on me and making treats to help me heal while I was dealing with an injury. It made the week better a lot better.

Jason Koele - Your support is simply awesome and I truly appreciate everything you do for my students.

Ari Wirebaugh & Amy Hueg - Thanks for covering for me while I was sick.

Kamen Flanders - Organizing evening help sessions for students that live outside of our district. Thank you for going above and beyond for kids each and every day. They are sooo lucky to have you!

Amanda Arnold - Creating a fun activity so the kids can get to know their teachers a little better. (Plus making me forget every song I like, thank goodness for Spotify likes)

Cami Stansbury, Heather Jourdeans, Jen Staidl - Taking their Contemporary Lit students to the Cloud Choir! #rememberuswhenyouarefamous

Heather Jourdeans - She set up an AWESOME experience at the MOA for "Clouds Choir" for Contemporary Lit. Don't be surprised if we make it big. : )

Garret Wenzel - Stopped what he was doing to drill holes for a student project. Instant helpfulness! Thanks.

Bri Forrest and Carole Scheder - Helping out a proud father see his daughter's concert!

Kurt Soderberg and Jason Koele - Thanks for your help in my room while I was home sick! Many people showed their appreciation for your willingness to help out.

Gail Weninger and Beth Ombati - For holding down the fort while everyone else was sick at home. Wowsa!

Tom Martin - For everything you do above and beyond with all of our kiddos! You keep our rooms working like a well-oiled machine (even when we’re all sick).

Vicki Dresang-Talapa - For putting up with constant visits from the ID room this week. Let’s hope Influenza and all other bugs have left our little coop now!



Thanks, Dani for creating the doc.


Please refer to these guidelines prior to your absence. p.s. we'll miss you!


Check out the PBIS Incentives. You will be asked to cover this information with your HR students.