Animal abandonment

Don't leave an animal alone


Imagine that you are a poor defenseless little animal outside waiting to get inside but the people don’t care about you or just left you out there to die. SPARTA is a Greece place ( and I mean the animal shelter) and Greece is a beautiful place and a lot of pets, so the shelter can be in good use for the animals. Greece might have a lot of stray animals ( stray means that they have no home). Even when they don't have homes, they get to stay at a shelter for a long period, well at least when they get a home with people that love them. Now I will be talking about when you get the perfect dog. When you do get the perfect dog that means you need to take care of it like feed it and raise to be the perfect dog you want it to be. The materials you need to raise your dog is the food you feed it and give your dog plenty bowls of water and let your dog out when it needs it. When you walk your dog make sure you have a good grip on the leash so your dog does not try not to escape you. Make sure when you let your dog out, make sure it does not attack other dogs ( that may not be for you but just in case your dog hates other dogs) then make sure you chain them up so they don't chase the thing they after. When they do reach block there eye’s so they don’t see what they are after. .

You need to give your dog stays hydrated and well fed you are a good friend to your pet. When Greece has a lot of pets then that means they have a lot of shelters there because the dogs need a place for the dog or cat to have a home or a place to sleep when they don’t have a place to stay the night they think that they don’t matter to the world so we make sure the dogs and cats get a home.