Hilltalkers Newsletter

Upcoming deadlines and information for 2/15-2/20


At the Farmington Tres Rios Invitational, the Hilltalkers distinguished themselves by earning multiple placings in just about every event we entered. We also got some excellent practice for State. Most importantly, I would like to compliment our students on their sportsmanship, kindness and courtesy to their competitors. Well done!

The Power of Speech and Debate

Something to think about...

From the National Speech and Debate Association's Facebook page on February 15:

It was debate that first put NSDA alum Antonin Scalia in the national news. It is fitting that even at the age of 16, his first mention in the New York Times dealt with a controversial, timely topic of national importance. It would not be the last time.

We speak at length about the importance of giving youth a voice through speech and debate, but we can never truly anticipate how they will use that voice in the future, nor can we know what level of prominence that voice will reach. All we can know, really, is that we have supported a voice that might otherwise have been suppressed. In doing so, we are choosing discourse over silence, and debate over acquiescence. That choice changes classrooms, courtrooms, and most importantly, lives.

What are we doing this week?

Monday and Tuesday--no practice

Wednesday--Speech practice

Thursday--Debate practice