Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Marissa Banda


If a child's mother is drinking while she is pregnant her baby can get FAS. Because of this drinking can harm a baby's growing development. Drinking alcohol is likely most harmful during the first 3 months of pregnancy. But drinking alcohol any time during pregnancy can be harmful.


  • Poor growth while the baby is in the womb and after birth
  • Decreased muscle tone and poor coordination
  • Delayed development and problems in three or more major areas: thinking, speech, movement, or social skills
  • small head, small upper jaw, smooth groove in upper lip, and smooth and thin upper lip

Treatment (medication, therapy)

There is no cure for FAS patients, but research shows that early intervention treatment services can improve a child's development.

  • Types Of Treatments
  • Medical Care
  • Medication
  • Behavior and Education Therapy
  • Parent Training
  • Alternative Approaches
  • Life Expectancy

    There is no life expectancy answer for FAS in literature but there has been lots of studies done ON FAS patients where the median age was 14 years old but the range of ages was between 6-51 years old.

    Read more: http://www.justanswer.com/pediatrics/6wpl7-life-expectancy-child-fetal-alcohol-syndrome.html#ixzz3tI2ggobu

    3 Interesting Facts (Did you know...)

    1. It's estimated that each year in the United States, 1 in every 750 infants is born with a pattern of physical, developmental, and functional problems referred to as fetal alcohol syndrome
    2. FAS is not just a childhood disorder;13 exposure to alcohol as a fetus can cause a wide range of lifelong physical and mental disabilities.
    3. Fetal alcohol exposure may increase the risk for later alcohol, tobacco, and drug dependence in adults.
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