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By: Ellie Nieder

How we Could Have Saved Luna, the Whale that Died in a Tradgic Accedent

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How Luna Died

There is not a clear on how it happened, but we do know what happened. Luna as normal was riding behind the boats because she loved the splash. Then some how she was sucked into the propeller and died and instant death. The whole town sorrows with this death and we all wonder , who is to blame. The next question still remains, how could we have prevented it.

The Prevention of the Death

There were many ways to Prevent the death of the young whale . The DFO/ Government had made a plan to capture Luna into net pen then reunite Luna with her family. That plan was then not put into play when the Mowachant/ Muchalant Native American tribe got in the way of his capture. They would beat there drums and sing to distract Luna and draw him away from the pen. They could put Luna in captivity like Seaworld or Discovery Cove.

Reporters Opinion

I feel that it was the Mowachant/Muchalant tribe fault for the death of Luna. They interfered with capture of Luna to reunite him with his family(L-pod). He could be with them away from the danger of boats and get his social needs to live with out the dangers of people. This leads to what would be the perfect plan to save him.

My plan would be to capture him into a net pen then bring him to where his pod revisits every summer. Then there are two ways it could play out. One way it could go is that Luna will be reunited with his family and live happily ever after. On the other hand , there is a possibility for Luna to be unwelcome into the pod. If this were to happen then Luna would be put back into Nookta Sound with a watch team to watch him 24/7.

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