I survived Hurricane Katrina 2005

By: Lauren Tarshis

Other books the author has written

The author has written a whole series of books they don't connect but they all have to do with a major event and then they say how he/she survived the event. This book is a historical fiction book because Hurricane Katrina really happened.
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Why I chose this book

The reason I chose this book is because I like the other books in the series and I was hoping to find out more about Hurricane Katrina and I did!!

The setting of this book

The setting of this book is in New Orlands. The story takes place in the past because it happened and it is over. The story starts in 2001. The story is also in the present because they have most of the modern day tech.

The story is about .....

The story is about a little boy and his family are having a perfectly normal day and then the unthinkable happens. Barry is a little boy just like everybody else he doesn't know he is brave or courageous until that awful day. When the hurricane hits like a wall.

More about the book....

When the hurricane hits most of the people go to the Superdome but it was to late for Barry's family to get there. They had to stay in there house and go up on the roof while they are up on the roof Barry falls down into the water. will Barry get out of the water will he survive this horrifying event. Read the book to find out and join Barry and his family through this tragic event.
Hurricane Katrina (2005)

Main characters...

The first main character is Barry. Barry is a loving caring brave and courageous young boy. He always looks out for others and he doesn't think he is brave until Hurricane Katrina hit. The second main character is Cloe, Cleo is a toddler like any other toddler she is scared but she wants to find Akivo her imaginary friend almost killed herself trying. Then there is mom and dad, Mom is loving caring always looking out for her children. Dad is strong loving caring and smart always using his head.

The problem....

The problem in this book is that Barry fell in the waters of Hurricane Katrina and he was separated from his family.

Rate this book....

I would rate this book a 9.5 out of 10 stars because this book has a lot of action in it. This book is fast going and entertaining.I liked this book because it was interesting and fun. I would recommend this book to people who like to be on the edge of there chair the whole book.

By: Sarah Latendresse

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