Barbed Wire

By: Fabiola Hernandez

Barbed Wire Information

Barbed wire are fences with sharp edges there are used for farming. In 1870 is when barbed wire were invented and the Texas starting to using barbed wire fences in 1880s. Its helps they raises there animals form eating their crops and doesn't harm them. Also uses as wall to surrounded their property. During the 1873 some of the people invented different kinds of barbed wires.

Fence Cutting

The fence cutting war was between the farmers and the ranchers. it had been started in 1883 in summer and fall it makes so many difficult the cowman to have no land. The ranch men that they they owned their fences and their property. The men will still keep on cutting the barbed wire fences on some one's property and the fences won't be safe. Some of the people the band will come at night to mess up people' property. they name their team Owls, Javelinas,or Blue devil. The people who caused the fence cutting war and it cost lots of money from all the damages.