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An 8th Grade Newsletter. Edition 6

The First Six Weeks Have (Almost) Been Completed !

Hello All!

It is almost impossible to believe that we are halfway through the first 8th grade trimester. On Friday grades close for the first progress report grading period. It is important to keep in mind that this grade is a "snapshot" of how your child is doing up to this Friday. This is a "living" grade book and grades will continue to change as assignments are entered into the grade book. Please check your student's grades and enter them into the Thursday Folder that was sent home today. Progress reports will be sent home shortly. We have noticed many of our students have had some absences due to illness. We know it is very difficult to catch up on missed lessons and classwork, but all missing work has a negative effect on grades. Please encourage your student to set up a time before or after school to make up tests, quizzes, or labs.

Parent Conferences will take place during the week of September 24 - 28, 2018.

These conferences are a chance for teachers to share strategies for success with parents of students who may be struggling with the eighth-grade curriculum. If your student is receiving A’s and B’s in their core classes, then a conference is NOT REQUESTED at this time. Our time is limited so these conference times are primarily for students who are currently struggling in their CORE classes.

We are excited to share the "I-Pod" way to hold conferences, which features a student-led conference format. Your student will be preparing for the conference in their Language Arts class; we focus on business meeting etiquettes such as the art and importance of introductions and how to confidently present a project to an audience. Our students who have A's and B's in their core classes can hold their own student lead presentation at home (without their teachers) because they will have practiced presenting their work in class and will also have perfected the specific conference format to follow.

Our A and B students who successfully present their student-led conference to their parents will earn credit in their Language Arts class for their presentation. Students need to bring in their Student Led Conference Booklet with parent signatures and the parent homework complete ( don't worry parents, we gave you some pretty easy questions to answer for your homework).

Students who turn in the completed student-led conference booklet within the week of parent-teacher conferences will receive full credit for their presentation. Also, students who "record" their conference with their parents and share the digital video with Mrs. Daley will receive extra credit toward their language arts grade. Students will need to ask an additional question at the end of their presentation and record their parent's answers. The question? What do you remember about your 8th-grade year in school?

Available conference times on this Google Calendar -

If you need to meet with us please choose a 15 minute conference time and make sure you note your child's name in the "What" Cell - you will have to delete or type over the title, "Parent Teacher Appt Slots."

Each conference will be approximately 15 minutes in length. We will be conferencing from 1:30 to 4:30 each day during the conference week. If you are having difficulty with the sign-up site, please feel free to contact either Mrs. Kaneshina or Mrs. Daley for help.

Thursday folders are being sent home today. Parents are asked to check them each Thursday night and record these grades on the sheet stapled into the Thursday Folders. Please help your student make sure their Thursday folder is complete and ready to return to class every Friday.

This upcoming Monday, September 17th is a minimum day and it also is the District Disaster Drill. We will be outside on the basketball courts for approximately one hour. Please wear long pants as the ground gets hot! Sunscreen, water bottles, and hats are a good idea as well! A book or deck of cards will help alleviate boredom!


Monday 9/17 - 8 am - 1 pm - Minimum Day All sites - District Wide Disaster Day

Wednesday 9/19 - GATE Parent Night 6 - 7 pm

Friday 9/21 - 2:30 - 4:00 - Gym-A-Palooza

Friday 9/21 - Kona Ice at Lunch

Monday 9/24 - Friday 9/28 - Book Fair!!!!!

Monday 9/24 - Friday 9/28 - Parent Conferences Minimum Days All Week

Saturday, October 6th- E3 Fun Run! - Sign Up to Support Etiwanda School District!