Labor History

Brody Hackbarth

The Knights of labor

In 1869 a few workers in Philadelphia founded the knights of labor. It was a more successful early nation union. It was mostly a white male organization. It expanded rapidly but broke apart when riots started happening. Before that happened it was up to more than 700,000 members.

Examples of Unions

AFT: teachers

NEA: education

AFGE : government

AEA : actors

IUPA: police

History of unions in wisconsin

The earlier battle was staged in Sheboygan at Kohler, the legendary manufacturer of kitchen, bath and furniture products. The Kohler employees had voted to join the United Auto Workers union, and a strike that began in April 1954 was not settled until the early 1960s (Phillips).

The purpose Of Unions

Unions, if they are honest, provide an avenue of communication between companies and workers. They negotiate wages, etc. also. Some unions are better than others (Kay-Zoo).