Barack Obama

Biography by:Stephen Krensky


When Barack OBama was born his mam and dad were divorced. He lived with his mom,stepdad, and baby sister in indonesia. Barack returned to hawaii to live with his grandfather. At the time Obama applies for harvard law school and gets in. As he was in the law school he was on the news as the first African American to become the fire president of harvard law school.

When Obama graduated from law school he get married to michelle and they had two daughter Malia and Natasha. After his daughter were born he was elected to the U.S senate. Finally he was the first african american president and the 44TH president.

opinion/ recommendation

I thought this book was good because it taught me a lot of things about Barack Obama. ANother thing is when his mom and dad got divorce his dad wrote him a book and barack obama published it because he really didn't see his dad after he left to go to harvard law school. I Think it will be important for people like me to read this book because Barack Obama was not doing homework like me and getting bad grades but he change and now he is president.