Six Flags

Emily Meadows

I woke up and got dressed. Then I played a game called "Baby care" when my mom called my name " EMILY" I got dressed quick because she saw me on my phone. After me and everyone else got dressed I waited in the car by my myself then about an hour they come out and my mom got in the car and back up in the driveway and went in the highway....

I put the radio on when I laid back and put my head on my leg.I fell asleep but not a deep sleep 3 hour later I woke up and heard the song "Hello "and I sung it "Hello from the other side" 10 minutes later the song change then we were at Six Flags.

We got into this line and took all are jewelry off because it was a metal detector. Everyone and me walked to a ride called " The Ship"when we waited in a line it was about 20 minutes later to get on so finally we got on and I laugh and screamed then pray to god and was yelling because the ship rock us back and forth relay high and I felt me about to fall we went on rides and walked a lot more too,

Got some food and finish 10 minutes later after that we got on this bull ride then we left. The radio was already on and I fell asleep, woke up and sung Santa tell me and then we were home and got into bed and was knock out.