The Heart of Haleʻiwa

April 23, 2021


In this Issue...

  • Get to Know Our Educational Assistants: Ms. Mary Grace, Mrs. Johanna, Ms. Shannon, and Mrs. Lumoya
  • Literacy Corner: Six Feet Together read aloud by Mrs. Lee
  • Second Grade Self Portrait Art
  • Third Grade Writing Club
  • Fourth Grade Science
  • Screen Time by Nurse Connie
  • Spreading and Spotting Kindness by Ms. Yonting
  • Growing Through Grief Workshop at Waialua High & Intermediate School Invitation
  • Spring Fundraiser Update

Get to Know Our Educational Assistants

Mary Grace Rarogal

Class I help with: Sped preschool

What job did you have before/ where have you worked? I was home for 10 years raising my kids. Before I came to Haleiwa Elem School. I worked for Wahiawa Middle School Sped department with grades 6,7, and 8 for a year.

Favorite place I like to eat: Korean Restaurant, Ono Thai Restaurant, Seafood buffets and Dim Sum at Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Filipino food but we can cook filipino food.

What superhero do you most identify with? Honestly I don't have one. I think when you work with kids or being a mom you are a superhero automatic. No rest, multitasking , making sure everything is on schedule, making sure you have everything you need, always looking ahead, see the good in everyone, drawing out their gift and talents, bringing your kids and my grandkids here, there and every where, helping care for our parents, etc...

Johanna Durvie Yerxa

Name: Johanna Durvie Yerxa

Class you help with: Kindergarten

What job did you have before/ where have you worked? Growing Keiki, St John's Montessori School in Mililani

Favorite place to eat: Surfnsalsa, Number 7

What superhero do you most identify with? Wonder Woman

Shannon Meehan

Name: Shannon Meehan

Class you help with: EOEL Pre-K with Mrs Angelica

What job did you have before/ where have you worked? I work at Haleiwa Beach House in the pantry a few days a week.

Favorite place to eat: LeiLei's, Zippy's and Shiros

What superhero do you most identify with? She Hulk because I try my best to start everything I do STRONG and end even STRONGER..

Lauren Lumoya

Name: Lauren Lumoya

Class you help with: 5th Graders

What job did you have before/where have you worked? I was a Stay At Home Mom. (SAHM) Raising my children. I have been working at Haleiwa Elementary School for 23 years now.

Favorite place to eat: I am a Foodie, so I am not picky. My husband and I love to try new places to eat on the weekends.

What superhero do you most identify with? Storm: She is a member from the X-Men.

I like Storms.

They let me know

that even the sky

screams sometimes too.

Literacy Corner

This week's Read Aloud

Mrs. Lee reads Six Feet Together by Beverly da Silva

Six Feet Together

Second Grade Self Portrait Art

Second grade students created self portraits using drawing and collage. They used yarn for their hair and even used mirrors to look at themselves.
Self Portrait Art

Third Grade Writing Club

What are your three favorite foods?

This week, Ezekiel Wassum and Tihanny-len Honorato answer what their three favorite foods are.

Ezekiel Wassum

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Tihanny-len Honorato

Big picture
Big picture

Fourth Grade Science

This past week the fourth graders were given an engineering project to create a stool (the furniture version) using paper and packaging tape. The stool needed to be built within a specified criteria. Here were some of their designs.

Screen Time by Nurse Connie

Readjusting back to some level of normalcy gives us the opportunity to examine a few of the many things that have changed as a result of quarantine and isolation. Lockdowns have created a culture of remote school, work, and human interaction out of necessity. Excessive screen time naturally became a byproduct of our community-wide goal to slow COVID spread down. Excessive screen time is harmful to people of all ages. Younger people being especially vulnerable.

A few of the health risks with excessive screen time are: sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, a decrease in focus or ability to finish school work, as well as lack of ability to control outbursts among young children. It is important for parents and school staff to recognize the signs of excessive screen time before it has a chance of developing into more serious disorders. To learn more, please click the link below:

Spreading and Spotting Kindness by Ms. Yonting

This week, our counselors shared with our students the short story A Little Spot of Kindness by Diane Alber. Teachers are encouraged to "spot" students doing kind things around school. Students receive a special dot sticker that they wear throughout the day. Students who display compassion in action will be given a reflection slip to write down what they did to show kindness that day. Then, those students will be put into a raffle drawing every Friday to win a kindness ambassador.

If your child comes home with a colorful circle dot please ask them what they did to show compassion in action in school. Let's start spreading and spotting kindness in our Haleʻiwa community.

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Growing Through Grief Workshop at Waialua High & Intermediate School

Dawn O'Brien from Choose Love will be presenting at the 4th quarter workshop. It will be an amazing and heartfelt workshop on "Growing Through Grief." Please, please join us! It is open to all students, staff, parents and community.
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Spring Fundraiser

Our spring fundraising campaign is still happening and we continue to be blown away by everyone's generosity to our school.

Here is an update on the friendly class competition standings. Almost all of our classes had even more donations this past week so their percentages rose.

Mrs. Nakagawa = 58%

Mrs. Tauanuu = 89%

Ms. Phelps = 46%

Mr. Baker = 47%

Ms. Yonekura = 42%

Ms. Boudreau = 33%

Mrs. Kauffman = 37%

Mrs. Lee = 44%

Mrs. Villalpando = 37%

Ms. Felz = 50%

Ms. Eriksson = 67%

Mrs. Tuvera = 47%

If you have not had a chance to donate yet, there is still time. Please send in your envelope. If you need a new envelope, just call the office and let us know.

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