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Speaker Knockerz is dead at the young age of 19. The Columbia, South Carolina rapper was found dead in his garage on Thursday. Derek Mcallister, aka Speaker Knockerz, had been missing for several days. His mother had been looking for him, before finding out he was dead

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts confirmed that Speaker Knockerz was dead for some time when he was discovered. So far, there is no suspicion of illegal activity. Toxicology reports are still pending and some friends and family are suggesting Speaker Knockerz died of a heart attack

Hawks want 2 Chainz to sign 10-day contract

2 Chainz was signing something earlier, and at least one person in the Hawks organization is hoping it's a contract.To early

Rapper Trinidad James, commentator Ben Ferguson clash over use of n-word

hings got testy on "CNN Tonight" when conservative commentator Ben Ferguson charged that rappers like Trinidad James are profiting off the n-word.

"I'll be honest with you," Ferguson told James on Monday night. "I think you know that we should probably get rid of the n-word, but in reality, I think many rappers are afraid they will lose out on money and sales and street cred if they don't stop using the word."

The two were part of a panel discussion about who can say the n-word. The panel also included CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill.

"I'm making money off of doing music and being creative, sir," James responded. "I'm not making money just because I use the n-word. Nobody goes to buy an album because it's full of the n-word."