Fibonacci Code

By Rosie

Fact #1

His full name was Leonardo Pisano which is Lattin for Leonardo of Pisa. Fibonacci is short for Filius Bonacci.

Fact #2

Fibonacci was named the greatest mathematition in Europe in the middle ages because of his great mathematical findings for example introducing the Hindu-Arabic system in Europe and the Fibonacci Spiral which is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 ect.

Fact #3

Although he was Italian, when he was growing up he had a North African education!

Fact #4

After travelling for a very long time, he discovered the Hindu-Arabic system which was invented in India and Arabia. He later introduced it to Europe because it was easier to understand (than Roman Numerals which they were currently using) because of its decimal form.

Fact #5

He discovered the numbers then found out he could make a spiral with the digits.
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Fibonacci Spiral

This is the spiral that I drew with the instructions of a YouTube video.