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The Larson Law Firm is a place of high recognition. We are here to please you, the client. Whether you be a plaintiff pursuing your right to file a lawsuit against another party or a defendant demanding help to oppose the accusation of your guilt, this firm will do our best to prepare you for a fight.

In order to allow you to gain some knowledge in regards to the system and its process, we provided a brief summary below.

The beginning of the trial starts with a formal complaint declaring that a lawsuit is being brought against the defendant. Once that is finished, a summons is issued to the defendant. This document is crucial in that it informs the person of the crimes and also gives them information about the court date. At that time, the defendant may choose to respond to the complaint by forming a pleading that includes both the complaint and "answer" in one document. If that is done, the plaintiff must be fully prepared with a preponderance of evidence if they hope to win the case that is now moving to the courts. A pre-trial conference will now be held in order to benefit the judge in terms of clarity regarding the information provided as well as time to prepare for the trial. Once the trial has begun, both the plaintiff and defendant are given ample time to give their stories and stand up for themselves. After hearing the summaries, the jury or judge are allowed time to deliberate and consider the evidence in order to come up with a just verdict of who will win the case. If either side loses and disagrees with the end decision, they have the option to appeal to a higher court.

* Though some cases go to court, many are solved through mediation or arbitration where the case is solved outside the courtroom. They are similar in that they include a third party to settle the dispute. The only difference is the outcome. While arbitration leaves both sides bound by the end result, mediation provides the plaintiff and defendant a guaranteed settlement leaving both sides happy.

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