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If a nearo headset was right in front of you, would you wear it?

Brain Jack is a movie that you have to go see. Its just like the book but you actually get to see what the characters look like. Brain Jack is a movie about sam and a couple of his friends that are playing with a nearo headset.They never knew that the headset had a girl that was spying on them from everything that they have been doing. They finally find out about the special spy. Watch the movie to find out what happens next.

"Everyday it gets easier to connect with a electronic device than is is to connect with people." -Pablo

Feature Article: The Unknown story about Fargus

There was a guy named fargus that talked alot. The only thing he would do was play his video games. He finally thought that is was time to stop always being so weird and playing games all the time. He noticed that that couldnt happen because he was addicted. So he died.
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