Me, Myself, and I

Brookley Pope

Which side of the brain do I use?

I use %50 of the left side of my brain, and %50 of the right side of my brain. The left side helps make you neat and organized. The right side is more creative. Even though I use %50 of both sides I can still improve. Some ways I personaly can improve are keeping my room clean on a regular basis and improve my art skills in Mrs.Palmer`s class.

What color am I?

Everyone has their own color, mine is orange. That means I like my freedom. In other words I want to be able to do something different from the directions. It`s like thinking outside the box.

What I Want as a Career

For my career I want to be a photographer. A photographer is someone who takes pictures of subjects, persons, merchandise, and many other things. To take pictures you go places or you can stay in a studio. The schedules are also very flexable and easy to work with. I will like this job because I can use my imagination and be creative to form something beautiful. The picture above shows something a photographer would take for their job.

Where I am Going to Live

When I move out I want to move south. I live in Arkansas now, and I want to move by the beach. Florida is the Sunshine State. I`m planning on being a photographer in Navare, Florida. Being on the beach sounds amazing!!! Then I can get some good photos on the beach.