The Death Cure - Maze Runner

By James Dashner

Leading up

The Maze Runner trilogy originates on random teenage boys waking up, unable to remember anything, in a large area called the "Glade", where the contestants, Gladers, have to live in and eventually escape a treacherous maze. The second book, The Scorch Trials, adds on to the end of the first book and is about the Gladers having to now take on a new challenge; surviving a ruined world.

Bad guys?

The "bad guys" in this book is an organization called WICKED. WICKED put together the maze and challenges to be tested by the Gladers.

The Death Cure

The Death Cure is the third and final book of the Maze Runner trilogy. This book is about both the gladers and WICKED working together to develop a cure for the epidemic titled "the flare." The flare is a disease that threatens mankind, and some of the Gladers were born immune to it. The story is very focused on the main character, Thomas, in this book. He has regained more memory than WICKED expected him to, and it allows him to remember not to trust the crooked organization.

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