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August, 2014

Everyone enjoying the milder days of August? Strange weather we are having here! Sunday bike rides with the family and an impromptu outing to the nearby state park for a hike is not usual activity for August, but we are taking advantage of this milder weather.

I wanted to check in with all of you and give you and update with all the exciting things happening with Donna's Good Health and dōTERRA.

I wanted you to meet all the members of our business building team and learn about all the specials dōTERRA is currently offering.

My theme this month is Back to School with Donna's Good Health. Whether you are headed back to school or just headed into your to do list for fall, I know you will benefit with all the good health options that dōTERRA has to offer. Onguard to help protect us from all the scary microbes, InTune to help us focus, Citrus Bliss to help us feel creative and invigorated but yet blissful, and maybe some Cedarwood on the feet and Lavender in the diffuser to help us sleep. My plan as I head into fall is to pay better attention to the nutritional value of my food and to start a supplement regiment.

Part of my training with dōTERRA is to provide wellness consults. I would love to provide a wellness consult for you. We will talk about sleep, diet, water intake, exercise, use of natural health solutions. It gives you a thumb nail of where you are in your journey and a way to measure how you are progressing. Please let me know when we can schedule your wellness consult.

I love summer, hot or not, and I plan to soak up these final days, taking advantage of daily pool hours, sunshine in the evenings, and family time any where I can grab it before the crazy fall schedule. Happy Summer to you!

Class Schedule

August 7, 6:30 pm "Nature's Medicine Cabinet" with Mary Simpson - Arlington,TX SW Branch Library, text or call 817-648-8298 for details

August 17, 2:00 pm "Back to School with dōTERRA" with Ellen Combrink -

Katy, TX, Tradition Bank, Grand Parkway email,

$7.00 make hand sanitizer, foamy soap, and essential oil satchels.

August 20, 6:30 pm "Make-over your Medicine Cabinet" with Tracy Hobdy -

Richmond, TX, All Stars Family Grill - email for details.

August 21, 7:00 pm "Back to School with dōTERRA" with Ellen Combrink -

SW Houston, private home. email for more details

$7.00 make hand sanitizer, foamy soap, and essential oil satchels.

Email me to schedule your class

dōTERRA in the News

Recently dōTERRA has been featured in some local news programs. Enjoy these clips.

This offer has been extended. If you, or a friend have been thinking of enrolling now is the time!

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Back to school with dōTERRA

If you are not on the dōTERRA autoship program called Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) you are missing out of free product. This month with a 125 pv order by August 15, you get a a free 5 ml bottle of OnGuard. When you order on LRP you get all your shipping cost back in points for free product and you earn 10-30% back in points on your order. Ask me or your leader how to order via LRP.

Click a link below to learn how to support your kids with dōTERRA.

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