Being A Viking Woman

By Erin & Jess

Viking Women Clothing

Viking women wore long sleeve dresses with an apron type thing over the top. The apron was clipped on with big metal jewels at the straps. They wore a lot of jewelry and often wore a hat or a piece of material wrapped around their head.

Viking Marriages

Viking Women had their marriages arranged by their parents when they were between the ages 12-16. Although the girls still got a say in it sometimes It wasn't by law that the men had to ask for the girls permission so sometimes they didn't have a choice. If you were widowed you were able to marry whoever you want. Women were allowed to divorce their husbands if they mistreated her or their children, or if they were not providing enough for her and the family.

Viking Women Responsibilities

Viking women had a lot of responsibilities, they included sewing weaving cooking mostly making butter and cheese and even sometimes looking after the farm animals when their husbands wer out hunting or raiding. Some of the rich viking women had many slaves to fulfill their duties for them.

Women's Rights

Viking women were said to be treated better than most of the other women in Europe. Women were respected and had great freedom especially when compared to other women of that time.


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