In U.S.A

What is a fraternity?

Are groups of young people for boys and girls. But, also can be mixed, of ethincs groups, religious, art, science ... INCLUSIVE there are fraternities in favour marijuana's.

All this fraternities are recognised by the greek alphabet.

The fraternities in previous time, were secrets. But today go into this group, is a honor.

How be selected by a fraternity?

  1. Think. Why you want go into a fraternity?
  2. Unite, is a commitement
  3. You should ignore stereotype
  4. Research
  5. Reduce your options
  6. Be yourself
  7. Speak with every world
  8. Make questions about the fraternity.

How is a life in U.S.A fraternity?

If you're accepted in some fraternity, you must pay for semester a money amount.

All this depend, because if the fraternity is very prestigious, it'll more expensive.

A lot houses have style greek, in the inside there are jacuzzi, barbecue... you can find all type of luxuries and conforts. In the house can live among 30-100 persons.


  • All this fraternities very famous
  • There are a lot flims when we can see how is the american life
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