Weekly News for English III

Mrs. Chapman's English III Class

Hello Parents/Guardians!

May 1, 2017


Our countdown to the end of the semester has begun. We are currently completing literature circles, & reading Southern Gothic Literature as we close out the semester.


Since some students are busy studying for AP exams, we are taking a break from vocabulary this week because of AP exams.

Daily Grammar Practice

This week our sentence contains two independent clause which contain prepositional phrases and infinitive phrases. We will work through the week to label its parts and diagram it. On Friday, they will get a fresh, but similar sentence, to go through the tasks of the week.


We are continuing our unit on Life, Liberty, and Happiness. During the course of this unit we will discuss the essential question: How do things like cultural background, social & economic status, time & place, and education effect our pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness?

In class this week, students will be meeting in their same text groups and mixed text groups. We will explore seminal documents and other non-fiction texts or films that discuss the ideas of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. Specifically, we will explore the Declaration of Independence, current TV show excerpts, music, etc..

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay Tuned!