Mr. Newton


Twenty-five, starting last year of medical school, music as a hobby, physical fitness nut

He has some medical experience along with Dr. Gonzales. Between the two of them, Mr. Newton is surviving instead of Dr. Gonzales. Mr. Newton is a twenty-five year old as well as a physical fitness nut. This puts him in a greater position due to the fact that is his physically capable of helping out, rather than Dr. Gonzales who is too old to do a lot of hands-on work. They are going to need to build shelter, walk around the island, and be able to physically survive with the limited resources that are being presented to them. Being a physical fitness nut will help him immensely. However, Dr. Gonzales has had two heart attacks in the past five years and is also sixty-six, which proves that his chances of survival are slimmer. The fact that they might be stuck for years means they need the fittest and preferably youngest people to survive. The young will obviously outlast the old, and the group needs to retain the amount of survivors that they had at the beginning.
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