VCR Presentation 6

Pranaya Pakala

Fill in the blank

John used an old spring to make the _____________ for his science project which could hurl a small marble for more than 20 meters.

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KATA <G "down"

pallein <G "to toss"

n. 1) An ancient mechanical device for hurling missiles

2) A modern mechanism for launching aircraft from the deck of a ship

v. 3) To hurl or launch suddenly, to spring up

Catapultic adj.












-leave alone




In ancient wars, catapults were used to throw large objects to destroy large forts or castles as part of the war tactics.

Also used to indicate some one or something becomes famous instantly:

The Harry Potter novel catapulted J.K.Rowling from unknown to one of the greatest authors of 21st century.

Choose the incorrect sentence

a. The Mongolian warriors used the catapults to destroy the enemy hideouts ruthlessly which enabled them to conquer most of Asia and Europe.

b. An asteroid exploded over Russia was caught on camera appeared as if a catapult hurled the asteroid towards earth at a great speed.

c. Judy want to become catapulted as a singer but she was not selected for American Idol.

d. Shakira's new video catapulted her to the top of the charts.