Richard Nixon & Watergate

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President Nixon's involvement with the Watergate Scandal had gone unnoticed until pointed out with the fact that he ha been recording all of the conversations held in the White House. Two reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, had broken the biggest story about American Politics, the Watergate Scandal in 1976. Richard Nixon then resigned from presidency in 1974.


  • The House Judiciary Committee approves three articles of impeachment against President Nixon.
  • The remaining tapes, having been turned over to Jaworski, reveal a conversation from June 23, 1972 that proves the president's knowledge of the cover-up from the beginning.
  • Nixon signs a letter of resignation and Vice President Gerald Ford becomes president.
  • Federal Judge John Sirica orders President Nixon to turn over the tapes to him to be privately examined. Nixon does not comply and appeals all subpoenas and orders with regards to surrendering the tapes.
  • During the Watergate hearings, former aide Alexander Butterfield reveals that President Nixon has been secretly recording all of his White House conversations since 1971.
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