4th Grade MOSAIC

Marble Run Guidelines

-Marble Run will be due October 2nd.

-You child may need to be driven to school with their marble run that day.

-Marble Run must be created entirely out of cardboard or other recyclable materials.

-A standard sized marble will be used for demonstrations.

-Marble Run must be tested and proven to work.

-Marble must be able to travel continuously from start to finish without interference.

-Marble Run must be a manageable size for transport-size restrictions of 24" x 24"

-Marble Run must show critical thinking and creativity.

-We will demonstrate our marble runs in class and then reflect and make improvements if needed for our FOREST HILLS MOSAIC CARDBOARD CHALLENGE SHOWCASE on Friday, October 2nd.

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What will we learn?

-Introduces engineering to students who may not yet know what it is or see if it’s something that interests them.

-Shows how to use engineering skills in a fun and easy way.

-Introduces students to the design process.

-Children learn that although engineering relies on math and science, it also requires being able to reflect and improve upon their designs in order to increase the chance of success.

-Instruction through “learning by doing” and experimentation helps children learn how to analyze and solve practical problems.