Science EM Wave Presentation

By: Hailey Heese


Frequency = F

Wave Lenght = WL

Energy = E

ROYGBIV = Red, Organge, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violit

Radio Wave

F: 10 4 - 10 12

Characteristics: Lowest F, Longest WL, Lowest energy

Uses: TV remote and Walky Takys

Danger: There are no dangers

Affects Life:


F: 10 8 - 10 12

Characteristics: Higher F than Radio, Shorter WL, Hgher energy

Uses: Cell phone and Sidelight

Danger: Airplanes

Affects lives: Because of microwaves we can heat up food and eat it hot. Some foods don't taste good cold so that is why we have microwaves.


F: 10 12 - 10 15

Characteristics: Higher than Micro and Associated w/ heat

Uses: Night vision goggles and Hair dryers

Dangers: Burns and can cause a heat stroke

Visible light

F: 10 14 - 10 15

Characteristics: Smallest part and ROYGBIV

Uses: To see, Vitamin D & C, Plant growth

Dangers: Blindness and seizers

Affect Lives: If we didn't have visible light then we would not be able to see the color red or purple or blue or yellow. All we would see is black & white. Plus we would be living in a black & white world.

Ultraviolet Light

F: 10 5 - 10 12

Charactistics: Visible to some animals, Higher F, Higher energy

Uses: Helps skin to produce vitamin D & C

Danger: BURNS


F: 10 16 - 10 21

Charactiscs: X-Rays pass through tissues, Higher F, Higher Energy

Uses: Diagnose & Airport security

Danger: Cancer

Affect Lives: If we didn't have X-Rays then we would not be able to help people that have something inside of them. If we did not know where it was we could just something open it it would not be there. That person would have a lot of cuts on them after surgery if we didn't have X-Rays.

Gamma Rays

F: 10 19 - 10 24

Charactics: Produce Sun, Higher F, Higher Energy

Uses It help locate black holes

Danger: Cell Damage

Affect Lives: If we didn't have gamma rays then spaceshuttls would fly into back holes and never be found again. The people inside the balck holes would be lost forever.

EM Spectrum

This is how you use the EM Spectrum.

The EM spectrum describes all the wavelengths of light. From dark nebulae to exploding stars, it reveals an otherwise invisible universe.