Party Planning Project

Ryann Jones, Ivanna Gomez, Richard Johnson, Admir Zeba

Party Time!!!

Mr. Jones we dearly appreciate this opportunity to plan a party for the end of the year! We are very excited to propose to you our ideas for this reward. Below we have information and calculations about each company for food, and Bounce houses. We hope that this will help you decide which companies you would like to include in this celebration!

Food: Pizza Palace/ Burger Bonanza

Activities: Jumpin' Jacks/ Hoppin' Around

Hoppin' Around/ Activities

Hoppin' Around is one of the highest rated companies in the area. This company allows us to rent any of their 12 varieties of bounce houses or inflatable obstacle courses for $75 per hour. The equation that we came up with is simply $75x, "x" being the number hours we are renting for. So the equation ended up being y=75x because there was no add on fees.

Pizza Palace and Burger Bonanza/ Food

If we have no food then we don't have a party so here are your options. The Pizza Palace has an equation of y=9x+60. The reason for the extra 60 is because they charge a $60 set up fee. Burger Bonanza has an equation of y=10x+20. Burger Bonanza charges a $20 set up fee. Both places are great but after 41 people the price goes up for Burger Bonanza and it's cheaper for Pizza Palace. My plan was to make sure I had my equation and centered everything around it which means I tried to make sure the equation and graphed were based of the equation.

Food: Questions and Answers

Food Question and Answers

1. Describe how you created each equation?

First, my equation that I used is y=mx+b. I created the equation by using the given information and transferring the information/parts I needed to get my equation.

2. At what point will both companies will cost the same? Describe the steps you would use to determine this point, and then find the number of students for which both companies will cost the same amount.

I knew that the range of where the points would meet was in between 210-960 and 520-1,020 because that's where the businesses change averages of being higher or lower. To find this I used the calculator and found where both lines crossed paths and that's how I found when both companies would have the same price.

3. If you only have a budget of $1000 for food, how many people, maximum, would you be able to have at the 8th grade blowout for each company? Can you have a decimal or a fractionas part of your answer?

For the Pizza Palace the maximum number of people is 104 people with the price of $996. For Burger Bonanaza the maximum number of people would be $98 people with the price of exactly $1000. Also, you cannot have a partial answer because you have thirds or halves of a person.

Activities: Questions and Answers