DEN HELDER 5 of JULY 2019 - Kampanje - Keykegzaal room

Multiplier event Agenda

11:00 Welcome participants

11:30 Networking

12:00 Project concept presentation

12:30 Project activities and Modules presentation

Module 1: Entrepreneurial state of mind

Module 2. Young women entrepreneurial skills

Module 3: Social innovation companies. What makes the difference?

Module 4. Overcoming challenges facing women entrepreneurship

13:00 Lunch

14:00 WOMCA playing some of the activities

17:00 Video Evaluation of the Project Activities


A selected group of women were invited to participate in the WOMCA multiplier event. All the women run their own business and support new women entrepreneur. We invited a comprehensive profile of women:

Sales & Business Manager

Managing director

Communication Advisor

Art Director

Assistant Manager

Teacher Facility Management & Tourism

Owner restaurant

Teacher Leisure & Hospitality

Owner beauty salon

City Marketing Manager

internship City Marketing

Owner cafe & fashion shop

Owner facility & support company

After the presentations and project concept and implementation, we implemented through a series of dynamics some of the modules.

Big picture

Camillia de Greeff, Lindy van Grieken, Bo-Anne van Egmond, Betty Mollema, Paula van der Made, Jet Weerstand, Meta Benink, Suzanne Langelaan, Connie Kraak, Anke de Vries , Tommy de Jong, Kim Laan, Tessa Bontekoe

Big picture
Gea Mollema and Monique Trijsburg
Playing Entrepreneurial Skills
Camille de Greeff
Gea Mollema
Paula van der Made
Meta Bennik
Lindy van Grieken
Connie Kraak

To know more about the project

Big picture