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A Peek at our Week 10.14.2016

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Fire Safety Week

This week we have learned about fire safety. The kids really enjoyed learning about the firetrucks, but we also talked about fire drills at school, smoke detectors, good fire and bad fire, how to be careful around fires and what to do if there was a fire at our house. The two biggest phrases the children learned are "Get low and go" and of course, "Stop, Drop and Roll" We practiced both of these several times in the classroom.
Fire Truck Visit

Thank You!

A special Thank You to the Mooresville Fire Department and Engine # 3 for coming to visit us. They shared how firemen can help us, let us check out their truck and even showed us what a fireman looks like in the suit and mask. We even got to get in the cab of the truck and see all the cool stuff inside. Several students claimed that "It was Awesome!" They also gave us stickers, pencil, ruler and a black fireman hat.

Fire Truck Songs

We sang 2 songs this week the kids really enjoyed. They were Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck and I want to ride on a fire truck. I'm linking the youtube video that went with the songs so they can enjoy them at home!
Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck song for children | Best Kids Songs

Fire Safety Activities

In addition to reading some really cool books, we also made some fun artwork. We used paint a lot this week. We began by finger painting flames! This was pretty cool sensory and science fun. We learned that red and yellow make orange when they are mixed together. We also learned that it's ok to get our hands dirty and have fun. Even Ms. Aislinn joined in on the finger painting fun! We also used brushes to paint fire hats. To reinforce our stop drop and roll, we practiced it during large group time and then we sequenced the three steps during small group time. We also sprayed fire on shirts and glued a note to remind us to Stop, Drop and Roll if our clothes catch on fire. We also used circles, squares and rectangles to create a fire truck with a ladder. Pretending to be firemen and putting out fires was a favorite activity outside on the playground this week. In all of these activities, we were strengthening the muscles in our hands to prepare them for writing.
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We are outside everyday by 9:45 am. Some mornings it is still pretty chilly. Please pack a jacket or sweatshirt for your child to wear. Layers are always best this time of year.

Important Dates

10.20.2016 - Fall Pictures (These will be the photos for our yearbook)

10.21.2016 - No Preschool (BASP is open)

10.21.2016 - Monster Mash Dance Party 6-8 pm

10.27.2016 - Preschool Fall Festival - more info to come

10.31 & 11.01 - No School, Teacher Workdays