All About Me.


My 6 things you don't know about me.

My age, gives off a radiant "I don't know much, an 8th grader is smarter then me". Well, I'm not that kind of student, I am possibly smarter then your average 8th grade, even 9th grade student. I've almost always been how smart I am, my brother is the same way as me. Incredibly smart for his childhood also. Number two, I'm not all cracked up as I am suppose to be. By that sometimes I will, in bad idea, say I know something or people think I already know this. Well it's not always the case sometimes I don't even know what I am doing yet I can do it sometimes. People still expect me to know way too much then I already should know. Number three, I put other peoples feelings first. I rather put myself last compared to my feelings, I could be worse then them and still help them. It doesn't matter to me. Four, I'm mostly good I anything hands on other than Art. I'm pretty good, or well, well rounded on many things. It doesn't involve everything in life but pretty much all of it. And lastly, I oddly like school, but for only one reason. And that reason is to talk to friends, and if we are lucky we actually do something fun..